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There is not a lot of information about the case, but here are a few facts.

In the weeks before the murder Bill Bus breaks off his romantic and sexual relationship with Lori Esker. Lori becomes obsessed with Bill often speaking of him to any and everyone who will listen. She becomes so obsessed that she disrobes before Bill on one occasion, and she expressed that she is turned on by watching him. Lori becomes enraged at the thought of Bill and Lisa being together. She starts to express a desire to see Lisa dead. Lori tells everyone that she thinks that Lisa just wants Bill for his money and his farm. On Wednesday, September 20, 1989 Lori calls Lisa’s job at the Howard Johnson’s Motor lodge and asks for Lisa’s work schedule because she want to throw a “surprise birthday party.” Later
Lori rents a rental car from the Wolf’s Auto Care Company and drives 150 miles to the Howard Johnson hotel to wait for Lisa.

On Wednesday Lisa is last seen leaving her job as assistant sales and catering manager at the hotel. The next day she was found in her car strangled with her own belt. The coroner estimates the killing occurred between 8:30-10pm. Family members say that Lisa was very fearful of Lori, and just the day before expressed a desire to put everything behind them and become friends again.

Lori later confessed to the murder. She was sentenced to life in prison. She is eligible for parole in 14 years.


Lori and Lisa were once friends.
Tammy and her sister Lori were very close. Tammy was devestated by what happened.
Lisa’s family sues Lori in a wrongful death law suit and wins.
Bill Buss marries in 1993.
More info available in the article "Deadly Rivals" Glamour Magazine feb 1991 p 194 v89 n2


  1. First of all, thank you for taking the time do this website. I don't understand why they change the names of people in these movies-it's all a matter of record.
    Has Lori Esker ever been paroled?

  2. No..... But should have along time ago

  3. Yes lets let murderers out of prison willy nilly. She should rot in prison never seeing the light of day. Not even a served life sentence will ever undo the pain she has caused the families effected by her decision to KILL another person.

  4. Wow! I know this is an old site but just now happened upon it. Actually vaguely remember watching this movie YEARS ago but had no idea it was taken from real life! That's why I'm commenting now, to TY for THIS or I'd have never known-very sad but interesting.

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  6. I saw December 6, 2017 news that she is getting parole in August 2018.